Coronavirus Statement

We understand that many organisations will be affected by coronavirus and this may affect operations, including how you spend your grant

from The Margaret Dobson Further Education Trust. 

If you find that this is the case and you are unable to fulfil the obligations made, please get in touch with the secretary, by emailing, to explain what this means and the impact

on your grant.

We are willing to be flexible if the need arises in these unprecedented times. 

Information for Grantees

If you have received a grant you will not be able to submit a bid the following year, or the year after the final year's funding where a multi-year grant is given.

So that we can see how the project has progressed you will be asked to submit a report, usually by 15th May the following year.   If you do not submit a report any future application will not be considered.

Your Progress Report

Your report should cover:     

What you asked for in the original bid and what was delivered, including numbers
Estimated project costs v actual project costs
Explanations of any difference both in terms of what was delivered and costs
Impact including any unexpected benefits or dis-benefits

We are also interested in whether the project is to continue or what any follow on will be.  

We like to feature stories of successful projects on our website.  If you would like your project to be featured, send us a few words and some web quality pictures for our consideration.  Include the MDFET consent form filled out and signed (electronic signature or name filled in) as a PDF if possible.  We would also love to see videos of your work.

For the consent form click here.